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You will be writing stories for a machine, the Ruby language will become a tool for you to better connect your mind to the world.
— _why, The poignant guide to Ruby.

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The truth is that digital audio engineers have been focusing on file formats, working hard to improve them for the past decade. In 2002, I would have been crusading right alongside Neil, but today the weakest link in the average listener’s experience isn’t his high-resolution AAC file – it’s his playback system.

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Beauty is in the genes of the beholder.

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Eating a balanced diet with fruit and vegetables is akin to putting high-grade gas in the car. It doesn’t have a spectacular or immediate effect but over a lifetime can act as a screen to prevent damage.
— Dr. Shiels.

link 2 Jan Drake's Flames: TV Show Review - The Wire»

"There are cops who do their jobs, and there are bad guys who do their jobs, and there are all the people affected by this cycle. And then there’s the story."

quote 19 Aug
Le monde de l’avenir sera une lutte de plus en plus serrée contre les limites de notre intelligence, et non un hamac confortable dans lequel, paresseusement étendus, nous serons servis par nos esclaves mécaniques.
— Norbert Wiener

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Malay wedding ambiance.

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Company Karaoke bonding x2

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text 23 Feb Authoring a DVD-Audio on the Mac

If you want to compile multiple audio CDs to one disk that you can play on a regular DVD player, you can create a DVD-Audio (DVD-A). It’s especially useful to group CDs that have a short play time (around 30 mins). One DVD-A can hold about 550 mins at CD quality (44.1khz).

To make them on the Mac, download the free application Burn here:


Choose the Audio tab, then select DVD-Audio; Drag files over from iTunes or the Finder; reorder if you wish and burn the disk.

To conserve the CD audio quality, make sure your source audio files are not lossy compressed by using AIFF/FLAC/ALAC/WAV formats instead of MP3/M4A/etc… Many tools help you to rip your CDs at full quality (iTunes, Max, … or XLD, my favorite: http://tmkk.pv.land.to/xld/index_e.html).

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